Attorney Michael Zarrella Announces Recent Superior Court Trial Victories

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Charge: First Degree Robbery
Washington County, Superior Court
Charlestown police were dispatched to a liquor store where an alleged robbery had just taken place outside of the store. The police officers responded to the scene and the surrounding area to look for a vehicle fleeing from the scene.  Police spoke to the complaining witness who told them that the Defendant had confronted him outside of the store, began to beat him with a police baton and stole his beer.  Defendant was arrested at his residence and  charged by the Charlestown Police Department with First Degree Robbery .  At trial and after the Defense's cross-examination of the State's witnesses, the charges where reduced from the charge of First Degree Robbery to Disorderly Conduct.  The Defendant received a Filing.
Result: Disorderly Conduct, Filing 2/29/12

Charge: Assault With a Deadly Weapon to wit, Golf Club
Newport County, Superior Court
Newport Police were dispatched to a house for report of an assault involving golf clubs.  Officers found the complaining witness on the street in front of the house.  Complaining witness reported that a group of men came to the house as a result of a dispute between himself and his girlfriend over money. Complaining witness stated that the Defendant was one of the men who came to the house and that the Defendant assaulted him with a golf club in the back. Complaining witness stated that the men left the house in their cars. Newport Police found a broken golf club on the street near the alleged assault.  Defendant was later arrested and charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, to wit, Golf Club.  After closing arguments at trial, the jury rendered a Not Guilty Verdict for the Defendant.
Result: Jury Verdict Not Guilty 3/7/12

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