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Attorney Michael Zarrella is a top Rhode Island DUI lawyer

The South Kingstown police department takes driving under the influence charges very seriously. Whether you are a URI student, or person coming home from a night out or a day at the beach, if you get pulled over and the police smell alcohol on your breath you will most likely be arrested by the police. If you get pulled over for a DUI in South Kingstown you need a lawyer that will fight for you.

When the police in South Kingstown, Rhode Island arrest you and charge you with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), you expect that your lawyer will to go to battle to challenge the State's case and fight for your rights. If this is what you expect, Michael J. Zarrella is the lawyer for you.

Don't let your DUI case be handled by just any lawyer. DUI defense attorney Michael J. Zarrella has practiced criminal law in the state of Rhode Island and within the South County area since 1995. Attorney Michael J. Zarrella has limited his practice to criminal law, and more specifically to defending individuals accused of DUI cases.

Attorney Michael J. Zarrella focuses much of his practice on helping people being charged with DUI cases. When choosing a DUI lawyer, your attorney's experience is extremely important. Attorney Michael J. Zarrella has the experience to help you through the entire DUI process and all aspects of your DUI case. Attorney Michael J. Zarrella will mount a serious attack on the state's case. Over the years, Attorney Zarrella has successfully obtained a high number of dismissals, not guilty verdicts and reductions of DUI's to lesser charges. His goal is to permanently keep a conviction for a DUI off of your record.

When choosing a South Kingstown DUI Lawyer it is important to know that you are getting a lawyer with the know-how to win DUI cases. Although there are no guarantees in DUI law, a good DUI lawyer will greatly increase your chance of getting your case dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge.

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Rhode Island DUI Defense Lawyer

Michael Zarrella is one of Rhode Island's top DUI attorneys. If you have been charged with a DUI or any criminal matter, contact him today.